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Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and it's a beautiful city with tons of history, culture, art, and music. Although Brussels is relatively small compared to other European capitals, it has a dense population of around 1.2 million people. Brussels also has a big international community because every day hundreds of people come to town for work and business.

If you're looking for a city that's a blend of new and old, historic and modern, fast-paced and slow-moving, you will love living in Brussels. This city has it all. It's home to Gothic cathedrals, Art Nouveau department stores, medieval almshouses and a range of small boutique hotels. Apartments in Brussels are generally cheaper than in other major European capitals such as London or Paris.

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How cheap is Brussels to live in?

Many people choose to live in Brussels because the cost of living is cheaper than in other major cities. There are many options for cheap apartments in Brussels which you can rent at good prices if you know where to look. For example, the average rent for an apartment in Paris is nearly three times more expensive than it is in Brussels and in London, it’s almost four times as much.

If you compare the cost of living between cities, then it becomes easier to understand why this is true: housing prices are usually lower outside of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. However, there are exceptions: Brussels is a cheap place to live. It attracts many visitors every year due to its reputation as a hip city with lots going on around town like nightlife and restaurants serving up tasty cuisine at reasonable prices.

Where can I find cheap apartments in Brussels?

Well, if you are looking for cheap apartments in Brussels, Marolles can be a great choice. Marolles district is becoming popular as it is full of life and atmosphere and the rental prices are comparatively lower.

The Marolles District – This is one of the oldest parts of the city and it is full of cobbled streets and beautiful buildings from the 15th century onwards. You will love the weekend wanders and the streets surrounded by second-hand stores and eateries.

Another good place to look for cheap apartments in Brussels is around the European Quarter.

Is it cheaper to rent a furnished apartment in Brussels?

Although a furnished apartment in Brussels is comparatively more expensive than other cities in Belgium, it is still very reasonable than most other major cities in Europe. If you think about the privacy and facilities you will get in your private apartment, renting a furnished apartment in Brussels is surely a great deal you might not want to miss. Plus, in a furnished apartment everything is already there for your use—saving hours of shopping time and lots of money on unnecessary purchases

What can be included in a cheap apartment in Brussels?

If you opt for a furnished apartment in Brussels you will normally have things included such as:

  • TV

  • Washing machine and dryer

  • Equipped kitchen (fridge, gas stove and oven, sink) with cooking utensils and crockery.

  • Heating.

  • Standalone wardrobe

If I can't find a cheap apartment in Brussels, what options do I have?

If you are unable to find a cheap apartment in Brussels, then it’s worth considering looking into house sharing. You could also look at finding a room in a shared house. This will still be cheaper than renting an apartment on your own and should suit those who are happy living with other people.

Student Housing Student housing is one of the most common types of cheap apartments that you can find in Brussels. These are usually offered by universities and colleges to students who wish to study there. They are usually located near the campus so that students do not have to travel too far every day when commuting from their residence to school or university.

Student housing consists of rooms with shared kitchens or bathrooms which are rented out by the institution itself or by private individuals who have rented out their property specifically for student accommodation purposes. It is important that you carefully check if the property meets all safety standards before renting it out as it may have been used previously as a residence by someone else who could have left behind some unwanted items.

Expert tips for saving money while living in Brussels

Save money on rent: The average monthly rent in Brussels is around €840, but depending on your living situation and the neighborhood you choose, this can vary greatly. If you're looking for an apartment with roommates (which is common), look for places that can accommodate three or four people instead of two, it'll usually be cheaper.

Save money on food: Although as we mention Brussels is not an expensive city, eating out always makes a hole in your pocket so if you've got to eat out anyway, make sure you enjoy the traditional fish and chips. You could also go grocery shopping once a week and cook at home.

Save money on transportation: Public transportation is cheap here, about €3.10 per ride, you might want to consider buying a monthly pass instead of using cash each time you ride the train or bus since there are no refunds or exchanges allowed at ticket kiosks (and remember: credit cards aren't accepted.

You'll save up to 50% over the course of a month by purchasing your pass ahead of time online rather than buying it from inside stations like De Brouckere or Centraal Station. No excuses now.

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