Get popular student accommodation in Dublin

Coming to study in a city where “having the craic” is a national pastime? Have a look at our student accommodation in Dublin. Your friends will be green as a clover when they hear you’re going to Dublin. Dublin stands out as a friendly city – even in the land of a thousand welcomes. It has attracted writers and intellectuals for many years, leaving a rich legacy of literature and creativity. As you walk through the city streets, you sense the deep history that’s part of the fabric of the fair city. Coming to live in student housing in Dublin, you’ll be slap bang in the heart of a city alive with culture and history.

Student accommodation in Dublin

Let’s not forget that Dubliners know how to have a good time. Choosing the right student digs in Dublin is important to ensure you make the most of what the city has to offer. If you want to dance the night away with your new flatmates, then student accommodation in Dublin city centre is for you. There are plenty of spots in the city to sit down and wait for assignment inspiration to arrive. When you need to escape your student residence in Dublin and knuckle down to study, head to The Old Library at Trinity College. Or, if you’re in need of a caffeine boost, pack your books and set up base at Kaph or Dubray cafés – both hugely popular among students.

Dublin is also a great city for sports enthusiasts. By living in student halls in Dublin, you could be right next to the home of Irish Rugby: the Aviva Stadium. Take a break from studying to catch a game with friends, then head into town for a few pints of the black stuff to celebrate! And as it’s a safe city to live in, you can breathe easy on your leisurely stroll back your student apartment in Dublin. Dublin is home to four of Ireland’s eight world-ranking universities, including Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. As you embark on this new chapter in your life, you’ll never be short on activities to fill the weekends when you’re not studying. Popular among students, Phoenix Park, is a great place to go and chill on a Saturday with some friends and a picnic.

What Dublin lacks in great weather, it makes up for in cheap student accommodation

We bet you’re glad to hear that Dublin university accommodation can be relatively affordable. In fact, Dublin has come in cheaper than Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow – so you can splash that extra cash on a Friday-night treat. What’s more, as the home of Ireland’s largest student population, there are plenty of student accommodation options in Dublin. So, if you’re about to start university as a fresher, then take a look at our student rooms to rent in Dublin.

Are you studying at Trinity College Dublin? You’ll need to choose from our student accommodation in Dublin city. This will place you right next to campus and will make getting up for those 9am lectures a walk in the park (or a short one on campus!). Are you returning to Dublin, a wiser, older second or third year? Then, it’s time to move out of halls and find a student house share in Dublin. Live with mates or make the most of the opportunity to make new friends. Either way, we’ve got more options than there are whiskey samples at the Old Jameson Distillery.

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