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Moving to Rome to study can be an enthralled experience, filled with lots of adventures and memories. For one thing, studying in Rome gives you the opportunity to experience Italy’s rich antique history first hand. Also, it gives you the chance to socialise with other students and build a community where you can always find love and support.

However, moving to Rome to study is not in any way easy. One of the major hurdles you would have to scale is finding an apartment. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You will find lots of student-friendly apartment options on our website. They are spacious and pocket-friendly. Plus, you can conveniently find one without stepping outside the comfort of your home.

Why do students choose to live in Rome?

Students - and non-students - choose to live in Rome for several reasons. One is that Rome, naturally, is a splendid city to live in. Rome is one of the few places in Europe where you will find ancient architecture dating back to 2000 years ago still standing strong.

Living in Rome allows students to experience a close-up view of the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, Vatican City, and many other exciting places. But rich history and architecture aren’t the only reasons students choose to live in Rome; the economy here is a thriving one. This means students can conveniently school and work to cover tuition fees in Rome.

Other reasons why students choose to live in Rome include an expansive healthcare system, well-developed public transport system, and many more.

What are the best areas in Rome to live as a student?

If you are looking to study in Rome, there are some areas where you are better off staying. Here are the best 3 of them.

San Lorenzo

Home to La Sapienza, the largest university in Rome, San Lorenzo has a large student population. This makes it an ideal place to live if you are looking to socialise with other students. Another reason San Lorenzo is a great place to live as a student is that food and rent here are on the low side. As such, you can conveniently live here on a budget.


Pigento has a bubbling nightlife, a hipped atmosphere and countless bars and pizza huts. And you can give yourself a nice treat in nice restaurants without spending much in Pigento. In addition, Pigento has a large local market where you can get cheap stuff, including food, groceries, and clothes.

San Paulo San Paulo is the place to live as a student if you prefer and thrive in a quiet neighborhood with little distractions. San Paulo is home to Roma Tre, one of the largest universities in Rome, so you can expect to find many students you can socialize with.

How common is it to share an apartment with other students in Rome?

To save cost, many students studying in Rome often share apartments with their fellow students. In fact, you will find lots of shared apartment options here in Rome - and at a competitive price.

For example, you can get a nice room in a shared apartment in Rome for as low as €200/month. But if you want to enjoy privacy and have some cash to spare, consider going for a student residence instead.

How much is the rent of a student apartment in Rome?

Student rent varies greatly in Rome, and is largely dependent on the location of the apartment. If it is closer to the city center, you can expect to pay more in rent than if the apartment is at the outskirts.

Also, the size of the apartment matters as well. Naturally, the bigger the apartment is - or the more rooms it has - the more expensive it will be.

But how much does a student apartment cost on average in Rome? We will say anything between €200 to €700 a month in rent for an apartment in Rome.

How can you find student apartments in Rome?

There are many ways to find student apartments in Rome. You can choose the old-school method of using a real estate agent. Alternatively, you can ask your friends if they have any lead for an apartment.

But those approaches are somewhat ineffective and time-consuming. For this reason, you are better off keeping your search online on Spotahome. You will find lots of competitive apartments and other accommodation options on Spotahome.

What documents do you need to rent a student flat in Rome?

There are certain documents you need to rent a student flat in Rome. Although these documents vary greatly, the two major documents landlords ask for are ID and a proof of student status.

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