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Are you thinking about moving to the Big Smoke? Take a look at our rooms to rent in London. Whether you’re looking to rent a room in London for a month, or you’re wanting to settle down long term, we’ve got you covered.

Rooms to rent in London

London is divided into five main sub-regions, all with unique cultures and lifestyles. Starting with Central London, you have affluent boroughs, such as Kensington & Chelsea, Westiminster and Southwark. There’s no way we could list all the things to do there, but let’s just say with museums, attractions, theatres and more… you’ll never be bored! Moving east, you enter neighbourhoods such as Greenwich and Lewisham. Start your day by picking up some fresh daisies at the Columbia Road Flower Market or head to Brick Lane for some of the best food the city has to offer.

Venturing up north, you reach the likes of Camden and Enfield. Popular for their vibrant markets, food stalls and vintage shops, North London is ideal for the culture-hungry. It’s also home to Hampstead Heath, where you can take a break from the city and cool off in its bathing ponds and enjoy some stunning greenery. Pop across the River Thames to South London and you will find yourself in exciting boroughs such as Brixton and Clapham. If you’re looking for a fun time, head to Electric Brixton or hit up Clapham High Street on a Saturday night. South London is perfect for young people looking for rooms for couples in London.

Finally, you have West London. Known for its luxury rooms to rent in London, Fulham, Hammersmith and Notting Hill, among others, make up this more affluent area and are situated close to Richmond Park and Hyde Park. As it’s more on the expensive side, you can expect to find stunning ensuite rooms to rent in London here.

Find a room faster

A room to rent in London zone 2 is perfect for any young professional looking to save a bit of money while also keeping their commute to work short. Both single and double rooms are available to rent in London, ideal for those starting out their new lives in the capital city. However, we know the city can be expensive, so why not check out our twin rooms to rent in London. This way you’ll be able to afford to eat at all the amazing restaurants you’ve been told to check out.

If you’re a bit of a country bumpkin and think you’ll miss the homely feel of the countryside, then we recommend looking for a room to rent in a family home in London. You’ll be living the best of both worlds, and you’ll get to meet some lovely people along the way, too. Are you moving to the city with your beloved pet? Then we suggest checking out our pet-friendly rooms to rent in London. That way, you can start exploring with your furry companion the amazing green spaces the city has to offer.