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Most popular cheap apartments for rent in Lisbon

Making the move to Lisbon? Cute postcard-perfect panoramas…

Lisbon is chock full of culture. Its historical landmarks, steep cobbled streets, and glittering river will take your breath away. Locals love its shabby chic vibe. If money’s tight, focus your search around Graça. This hilltop hideaway is home to some of the best street art in the Portuguese capital.

Anyway, pretty much 100% of the apartments on Spotahome are furnished. Yep, even the cheap ones. So, here is our selection of popular cheap apartments for rent in Lisbon.

How cheap is Lisbon to live in?

Lisbon can easily pass as one of the cheapest cities in Portugal to live in. You can live like a King/Queen in this city even on a modest budget. Plus, you don’t have to be an heir to a billion-dollar fortune to get a nice apartment to live comfortably - there is accommodation for everyone on a budget. Here is a breakdown of the living expenses in Lisbon.

A decent plate of meal in a restaurant - €10 A bottle of water - €1 A bottle of beer - €1.3 1kg of chicken - €5 One-month ticket on public transport - €40 1Km drive in a taxi - €1 Monthly internet bill - €33 Room in a shared apartment- €182/month So you see, living in Lisbon, like we rightly said, is fairly cheap.

Where can I find the cheapest apartments in Lisbon?

Apartments in Lisbon are usually very cheap. But if you are on a budget and looking for the cheapest available apartments, here are the places to look:

Barrio Alto It is one of the areas with the most vibrant atmosphere and nightlife in Lisbon. It is possible to find cheap rentals in this area, however, keep in mind that most are old houses with few amenities. It is an area that attracts many students as it allows you to live in the middle of the action on a tight budget. You can find one-bedroom apartments for less than 700 euros.

Penha de França If you are looking for a cheap and quiet area, then the best option is the Penha de França neighborhood. It has a very residential atmosphere and the flats have a highly recommended value for money size. In addition, this area has good transport connections to go to the centre. There are supermarkets and several interesting restaurants.

Alcantara Alcantara is a hub for nightclub lovers and a paradise for party lovers. So, if you are big on nightlife and want to have a nice time in Lisbon, Alcantara is the place for you. The cost of renting an apartment in this ancient city of Lisbon is moderate. For example, you can get a well-furnished 1-bedroom apartment in Alcantara for just €699 per month.

What is usually included in cheap properties in Lisbon?

Most rented properties in Lisbon are usually furnished - including the cheap ones. A cheap apartment in Lisbon can come with an equipped kitchen, washing machine, cloth dryer, water heating, TV, and lots more. We recommend you find out from the landlord what is included in the property you want to rent before making payments.

Is a furnished apartment cheaper in Lisbon?

Usually, furnished apartments are pricier than unfurnished ones. But there are exceptions. It’s possible to find a furnished apartment that is way cheaper than an unfurnished one in Lisbon. And you will save a lot of money if you are planning to live in Lisbon for a couple of months. So keep your options as open as possible when searching for a property to rent in Lisbon.

If I can't find a cheap apartment in Lisbon, what options do I have?

If you can’t find an apartment that matches your budget, you can do two things. One, you can go for a room in a shared apartment. These rooms are usually very cheap, and you can get one for as low as €179/month. Alternatively, if privacy is a must for you, you can opt for a studio apartment - those are cheap too.

Expert tips for saving money while living in Lisbon

Here are tips for living comfortably in Lisbon if you don’t have much cash to spare.

  1. Shop for groceries in cheap supermarkets like Continente of Colombo or Lidl. These are incredibly cheap supermarkets in Lisbon.

  2. Avoid moving around in taxis as they tend to be expensive. Instead, share a ride with someone in an Uber.

  3. Leverage of Lisbon's extensive public transport system. They are affordable and pocket friendly.

  4. Avoid tourist traps! If you want to taste the amazing portuguese food, try to skip restaurants where the menu is in english, go for something local and for sure you will save money and eat much better.

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