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5 Best Day Trips from London 0

5 Best Day Trips from London

London. The most wonderful, yet overwhelming city in the World.  A bold claim, but live there for a year and you’ll see why. In England’s capital, you can find a different thing to do every...


Where to Find the Best Views in London

London is magical and its tall buildings enable you to enjoy some of the best views of the city, all while having dinner, or by just going to the bathroom (really). London is blessed...

5 Things to do Before You Move to London 0

5 Things to Do Before You Move to London

So, you’re moving to London, huh? Congratulations! Welcome to the city of Big Ben, fish and chips and… erm… other British stereotypes. There are a few things you should do before you move to...

10 Easy ways you can piss off british people 1

10 Easy Ways to Piss Off British People

The English have a reputation to be extremely polite and owning excellent manners. For this reason, you should try the following 10 easy ways to piss off British people or just to test your...

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