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Tortona / Solari
Fashion and the arts

Every big city has an urban-chic area in a former industrial site. Solari and Tortona are Milan’s.

Once in decline, the area’s fortunes were revived in the 80s. Young fashion and design creatives saw potential in the cheap ex-industrial spaces, and moved in.

So the transformation began.

The buildings were once filled with assembly lines. Now, they’re trendy restaurants, museums, and fashion houses.

You’ll find all sorts here. Up-and-coming designers. Artisanal craft beer. And everything in between.

This is the perfect area to become a cosmopolitan urbanite.

See that person across the street looking all cosmopolitan and urbane?

That could be you.

What can I do here?
Tortona / Salari is all about fashion, art, design, and contemporary culture.

So let’s start with where you can find it all in one place: Superstudio.

Superstudio is a collaborative working space for the art, fashion, and design industries. It’s also part exhibition space, and part events centre. Throw in some cafés, restaurants and even catering services to finish off the mixture.

It’s a little bit of everything, in a progressive, evolutionary environment.

The class and futurism of the fashion world are all well and good. But sometimes – just sometimes – we all want a bit of kitsch. Don’t we? Ok, so maybe not all of us.

But Salari has you covered either way, with Cinema Mexico.

For the “sophisticates”, it’s an art-house theatre theatre which screens movies from around the world on a daily basis.

For the... uh... others, it’s Italy’s Rocky Horror House. You’ll be able to catch regular screenings of the camp cult classic. Let’s do the time-warp again!

Solari and Tortona are so trendy that we don’t have space to tell you about all of the great bars and restaurants you’ll find here. There are just too many! So here’s a summary of some of the best: * Langostino (Upmarket seafood. Excellent quality and great ambiance.) * Solo Pizza Cafè (Can you guess what they sell? They do it well.) * Basara (Sushi and sweets. Only the freshest fish. And good Tiramisu, too!) * PaninoLAB (Sandwiches and soups and imaginative flavours. Best paninoi in Milan?) * Belledonne (Superb food and immaculate service in this beautiful space.) * The Botanical Club (Tasty tipples. Colourful cocktails. Appetising aperitivos.) * Al Fresco (As the name suggests; outdoor dining. Modern Italian cuisine.) * Maido! (Cosy Japanese restaurant with no sushi! Try something new.)

There’s a whole lot more to discover, but we don’t have the space to tell you about it. Time to go exploring!

Cinema fact
Cinema Mexico has since the 80s had regular showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday nights. It’s part live-recreation, and part screening of the original. It’s one of only 5 official Rocky Horror houses in the world, and over 250 thousand people have seen the movie there!

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